Q: Why should I subscribe to your service?

A: Our product is versatile, ever changing, affordable, functional on any computer platform, flexible and many, many other reason. Call the office to try it before you buy.

A:Yes, all they will need is their account number and address to view their invoices online.

A:We accept monthly ACH payments on payments dates of your choice.

Q: Does this software work on I Pads/Tabs/Smart phones/computers?

A: All you need is Internet access and your device will work. It does not matte what operating system you have, what mobile you have. All you need is internet service and a web browser.

Q: What is the easiest what to contact Custom Online Solutions?

A: You can either email us at info@customonlinesolutions.com, call our toll free number at 877-267-7579 or you can text us at 402-214-7843.

A: No, this is programmed in Linux using L.A.M.P. This allows us to offer this product to all platforms and not limited to just one operating system.

Q: How long of a contract do I have to sign?

A: We do not offer contracts, stay on the service as long as you like. There are not any setup fees, maintenance fees or upgrades fees.

Q: Is this a secure program?

A: Yes, security is our main goal. We have very tight security on our data and web servers. We are at 128-bit encryption and you access a secure site (https:).