About Us

Custom Online Solutions would like to introduce you to the best online software for the lawn industry. As a lawn company we were struggling to manage our business efficiently. Unable to find a good online online solution, we created our own. The resulting software has been designed by a lawn care provider for lawn care providers. Custom Online Solutions contains all the powerful tools you need to manage your business all encased in an easy to use interface. We know budgets are tight, with Custom Online Solutions there are No Hidden fees, No upgrades to Buy & no Licensing Fees. Custom Online Solutions is what you need to do Business.

Company History

Custom Online Solutions has been in business since 2008. We may be small and new, however we offer the most comprehensive software for the lawn care industry. We offer the personalized service you wish the big named companies would deliver. Our lawn care software is targeting the small lawn care company of less than ten employees, however we can very easily handle national or regional lawn care companies with ten of thousands of customer accounts.

We are not a static company, Custom Online Solutions is ever changing to our customer's needs. The more flexible we are the better we serve the lawn care community. We have tried to think of everything you could ever need, however we might have forgot a few things. Tell us and we will make the changes. These ideas not only may benefit one lawn company, they may benefit everyone else. Let us know of improvements and changes and we will try our best to integrate your ideas.

For the record, our system is based in Linux and it is not a windows product. Our software can be used with any operating system. All you need is Internet service and a browser. We do not care which browser or which operating system you are using. We do not care if it is a computer or a smart phone or a tab. We do not care if it is windows, OXs, Linux or Android. All you need is a browser and Internet service, that is all.

Customer Testimonials

  • This is the best @#$%^& software I have ever used. This is inexpensive and by far the best software for the lawn care industry.
    — Jim B.
  • I only wish this software would have been around 15 years ago. This gives me the competitive edge, to smash my competition in the dirt.
    —Sam H.
  • This lawn care software is designed with the small guy in mind, yet gives the confidence of a like your part of a huge national company with many departments working for you.
    Dan A.